Risk Takers take Risks... That's what they do.

To this day I don't know what drew me into this project.  Was it the idea, concept, or story that drove me to shoot for almost two years.   

To this day I have held this project close to the vest.  Keeping each image safe like a parent protects their children.  I had no desire to share my work, or let anyone see the moments I captured.  And then all of that changed.

With the five year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy arriving on Oct 29, 2017 I felt it was time to let others in, let them see what I saw, and let them judge my work for what it is.

Although this project has been seen in one other gallery show, the idea of having a solo show with this material seemed to be unrealistic.  The subject is too harsh.  The images are too haunting.  The method that I worked was too methodic.  Too many things scared too many people until a causal conversation turned into the biggest showing of this collection to date. 

Marie Maber, an Art History Professor at Brookdale Community College knew of my work and asked me if I would be willing to share my work and my story at the College's gallery.  She insisted that the work was good enough and that my work would stand on it's own. That enough was a compliment; but, to have it come from her was everything to me. 

A week went by and things got moving.   Grants were being written and the idea of a gallery show was almost a reality.   

Three weeks later a grant was awarded and Brookdale matched the grant amount, which would pay for much of the show.  I was still in shock that this was actually happening.  Still holding my breath I began sharing the catalog of images with the College and fellow artists. 

All while this was going on my friend and fellow photographer, Patricia Hart Zackman, counseled me on what I needed to do.  We would talk regularly about the project and plan every move so that nothing was left without careful consideration.  Between Pat and Marie, this project would not have happened if it weren't for them.

So, where do I stand now?   The images are being mounted on foam core, the posters and postcards have been hung and are being distributed and I'm working on this website.  

There you go.