The First Night

Trying to remember what I did yesterday is challenging; however, remembering the night I started this project is something I will never forget.  I wasn't ready to commit to a long term photography project at the time but something was calling me. 

I left my house around 11:00pm and drove to Sea Watch (North Beach) in Manasquan.  On the way to the beach the fog was dense and there was no one around.  

I rolled the windows down and listened to the cold air whip through my car hoping to hear something other than nothing. 

When I arrived at the beach front the ice, snow, and debris cluttered the scene while the fog just tied the moment together.  It was then that I knew that if I could pull off this shot I could shoot just about anything.

I set my D3s on the tripod, set my aperture, lowered my ISO and took several images, each a little longer than the next.  I was playing with time and there was nothing to help me figure anything out. 

After the third image I left the cold winter evening hoping that something came out.  

Thinking about what I just did I raced home to see the images on my laptop.   Within minutes I knew I had something powerful, but I did not realize just how much this first image meant to me. 

Finally, I was able to create something from the misery caused from the previous fall.

This first image marks my first night of healing, creating, documenting, soul searching.