The First Night. Through The Fog / Open Floor Plan

On January 13, 2013 I recorded the first two shots of this project.  Little did I know that these images would lay the foundation for almost three years worth of work.  "Through The Fog" was taken near Seawatch beach in Manasquan, New Jersey at around 12:39am est.  I remember how dense the fog was that night as I approached the paved walkway.  When I turned my back the orange glow from the signal towers was something I will never forget.   

I placed my camera on the tripod and began taking pictures.  It took me several tries before I was able to figure out that I would be shooting in minutes, not seconds.  I don't recall how long I spent here, but I do recall that It was over an hour.   I also remember how cold it was, something I will repeat both here and in the podcast.  

After I captured the first image I almost went home but decided to go south to the inlet, where I noticed that the fog had subsided leaving me with a clear sky over the Atlantic ocean.  I quickly parked my car, got out my gear and took a series of shots of the pavilion near the inlet. 

By this time I was numb to the cool air allowing me to stay at the scene for more than an hour playing with aperture and shutter speed on my camera.  I took several pictures and before I knew it, it was almost 2:00am.  

Little did I know that 2:00am would become a very familiar time to me over the course of this project.  

Tired and eager to see what I shot I went home and rushed to edit the photos.  Each was unique in their own way and each was hauntingly beautiful; however, both could have been exposed longer or shot with a smaller aperture.  

I imported the photos into Lightroom, reviewed the intently, and knew that I was going to be doing this for a while.