What to talk about when talking about this project

With my show coming up a little less than three weeks away I am starting to struggle with what to talk about.  Which direction do I want to take the audience?   I’ve never really had to think about what this project is all about.  With that said here are some possible talking points that may or may not come up during my two presentations.

·      The first night

·      The first edit

·      Why did I shoot at night?

·      Why did I stop shooting in April or May?

·      What would I have gotten had I shot during the summer months?

·      Why was this project as random as it was?

·      How did I find locations?

·      Was I ever confronted and what did I do?

·      Why 10:00pm to 4:00am?

·      Was there a set schedule or did I just shoot random days?

·      What story did I want to tell?

·      Was I worried about consequences?

·      Why did it take five years to show the collection?

·      Am I comfortable with this project being tied to my legacy?

·      Would I do this again?

·      What does the title mean and how did it happen?

I think this should get me started.   Now I have things to think about.